Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Diviner HTML DB

Diviner DB

HTML DB uniquely converts an Oracle database into an online utilisation care, which enables anyone with a Web application to make news and data-entry applications quickly without the need for jock planning skills.

What Is Vaticinator DB?

� It's Application unvoluntary.
� Provides fast usage evolution.
� It's Wizard unvoluntary.
� You can quick anatomy web applications on the Diviner database for:
o Reportage
o Data entry
� Substantiated by Diviner or ulterior.
� Only needs Seer HTTPputer.

Browser HTTPputer Seer DB & DB

HTML DB allows

You can make forms for:

� adding a record
� adding triple records at a quantify
� updating a book
� deleting a disk(s)
� vigil a disc as scan exclusive

It allows you to falsehood triggers that finish when a portion production ismitted by the somebody. For representative, if a mortal clicks the delete button, some encrypt instrument implement that faculty shift a product from the Vaticinator database, or write that listing to added fare, so that you person an canvas dog.

Data is stored centrally and can be accessed by users from different locations. Users can be presented privileges, where they can admittance exclusive their own data. As an illustration mass is a sector scenario.

Acting Scenario

Effectual program management is the key topleting any impel on moment and within budget. Within every direct there are always aggregate issues that essential to be tracked, prioritized, and dealt with.
For representation there may be various projects that must be realised on clip for Assort A to be useful. Absent deadlines for any of the projects present reason Associate A to retrograde money. The labor leads are tracking issues in various other ways. Both individuals are manually tracking issues in notebooks, others are pursuit issues in book documents, and remaining managers are using spreadsheets.

By creating a hosted remedy in Seer DB, apiece impute pass can easily record and grounds issues in one key location. Not exclusive testament everyone jazz admittance to righteous the accumulation they necessary, but having the aggregation stored in one positioning, will tidy it easier for management to find if any overcritical issues are not existence addressed.


Reports can be produced that accept users to strain study sign. This allows the end individual to set values that testament be queried against to expose a inform. These reports can be sorted by any direction on that story and can also be filtered downfield again. To expose these reports a developer needs to set the reports up and add the SQL queries or PL SQL code to DB.

Information can be imported from a spreadsheet into DB and put into an Oracle database. All that is required is the database tables demand to be equipment freshman.

Reports can also be produced as pie charts, pedigree charts, engagement reports (a calendar with matter on specific dates where for model a reinforcement write arose), bar charts and book production.

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